Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My version of the Household Management Binder!

Household Management Binder. 

I created a Household Management Binder for my family. It is our little command center and helps SO much!! 

I bought a 3inch binder, page protectors and 8-tab page dividers, which you can also use a dry eraser marker on it for easy erasing and reuse! I also keep loose leaf paper and post it notes in just in case. Here are the sections that I have in my binder, of course there are so many other options you can include but these are out main ones! 


- grocery lists
- weekly menu planning sheets
- coupon folder
- sheet for unwanted needs and wants (kind of like a Christmas list)

- check registry
- monthly bill tracker
- monthly budget tracker 
- unexpected expense log
- folder for present and past bills
- folder for bills we are paying on
- folder for check stubs

- daily, weekly and monthly cleaning
- projects that are needed or wanted

- important school documents
- kids chore sheets
- other misc kid stuff

- Emergency contacts
- Emergency Family plan
- First Aid List
- Other Emergency Information

Important Stuff
- Contacts
- Birthday and Anniversary Calendar
- List of all websites and username/passwords
- Folder for furture Cards
- House Inventory Sheets
- misc papers. And extra printables for extra use

- folder for resturant menus
- family favorites
- recipes that we want to try.

Websites where I downloaded printables. 

THIS IS THE BLOG THAT I FIRST SAW IT ON!!! Altho now all her printables are for sale in her etsy site. I absolutely LOVE her binder!! 

Blogs that have their own version of the binder with printables. 

   (tons of printables!)

(love this one!)

Emergency Downloaded Kit

There are SO many more. All you need to do is google Household Management Binder… Enjoy!! 


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