Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My version of the Household Management Binder!

Household Management Binder. 

I created a Household Management Binder for my family. It is our little command center and helps SO much!! 

I bought a 3inch binder, page protectors and 8-tab page dividers, which you can also use a dry eraser marker on it for easy erasing and reuse! I also keep loose leaf paper and post it notes in just in case. Here are the sections that I have in my binder, of course there are so many other options you can include but these are out main ones! 


- grocery lists
- weekly menu planning sheets
- coupon folder
- sheet for unwanted needs and wants (kind of like a Christmas list)

- check registry
- monthly bill tracker
- monthly budget tracker 
- unexpected expense log
- folder for present and past bills
- folder for bills we are paying on
- folder for check stubs

- daily, weekly and monthly cleaning
- projects that are needed or wanted

- important school documents
- kids chore sheets
- other misc kid stuff

- Emergency contacts
- Emergency Family plan
- First Aid List
- Other Emergency Information

Important Stuff
- Contacts
- Birthday and Anniversary Calendar
- List of all websites and username/passwords
- Folder for furture Cards
- House Inventory Sheets
- misc papers. And extra printables for extra use

- folder for resturant menus
- family favorites
- recipes that we want to try.

Websites where I downloaded printables. 

THIS IS THE BLOG THAT I FIRST SAW IT ON!!! Altho now all her printables are for sale in her etsy site. I absolutely LOVE her binder!! 

Blogs that have their own version of the binder with printables. 

   (tons of printables!)

(love this one!)

Emergency Downloaded Kit

There are SO many more. All you need to do is google Household Management Binder… Enjoy!! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm back!

I have decided to get back into blogging! 

And what good start with a deal!!! I love scrapbooking so much! I have started doing more of digital scrapbooking these days, alot easier and faster with my life. There are so many programs out there for this. My favorite is My Memory Suite!! So easy to use and they have TONS of kits on their website to buy and for free! You really cant go wrong!

If you click on my link below it will take you to purchase the program with 10 dollars off! Awesome!!


 Hope you enjoy it and would love to see what you create with it!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cake Pops!

I bought something I have been looking for, for awhile. 

Its a cake pop maker! I have been in love with cake pops since I first came across them. I have tried to create them on 4 differents occasions. 
So when I saw this bad boy on a blog I frequent and she had some good reviews, I went out hunting for it. But every Kohls in my area was SOLD OUT! ugh nooooo...
So I met my mom with the kids half way to her house and we went shopping, stopped in Kohls and there it was!!! YAY! I couldn't wait to try it out!! 
The first batch I made was chocolate doughnut holes.

The recipe was really easy. My first time making them, I kept them in there a lil long and they were hard on the outside, but really moist inside. I did fill some with frosting. 

I used a ziplock bag to fill the cakepop maker. Although I do have a pancake pan... which btw is AWESOME. I might try that next time. 

So I decided to just cover them in powdered sugar. 

The kids LOVED them and so did the hubs!.
I can't wait to try out more!!! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Fathers Day

We had a very nice Fathers Day weekend. My husband had came home early on Friday, didn't work the whole weekend. We ate him up! Saturday we just hung around him and did whatever. Sunday however was the fun day. My husband decided to go do his own thing. As we had plans to meet with my parents for lunch and fun day at Cantigny. We ate at Wildfire resturant. Which was yum. Then headed over to Cantigny. ( They have beautiful gardens and lots of history. We toured the First Division Museum which we learned all about American history and all the ones who have fought for our freedom. 
I think the most favorite part of this park has to be the tanks you can climb on and have lots of pictures!

They had SO much fun climbing on the tanks...we continued thru the park, it was pretty hot outside and luckily they had a sprinkler/spray area. Lil man was in heaven!

Its was a beautiful day. All the flowers were gorgeous. Can't wait to go back when it's cooler outside. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes

Today I thought I would share with you the Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes I made for my daughters teachers for teacher appreciation week :)
I got the idea from here. Great website with awesome ideas and free printables, you should totally check it out!
I did't take alot of pictures for this process. Usually I do, but not sure why I didn't this time :(

Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes!

What you need:
Your favorite box cake mix and ingredients
Frosting (see recipe)
Chocolate candy melts
Red gumballs for cherry
Small ice cream cups
Plastic or wooden spoons

Make up your cupcakes however you do them best! I found my ice cream cups at Michaels. Add one cupcake in each cup.
Make the frosting.

How to make the frosting:
2 sticks butter
4 cups powdered sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 tablespoons milk
a few drops of ivory gel food color

1. In a bowl of a mixer, mix butter, vanilla and milk until well blended and smooth. Slowly add powdered sugar and mix on low until combined. Increase speed to medium and beat for a minute or two, until fully combined and fluffy.  Place frosting in fridge for about an hour. 
2.  Remove frosting from fridge and spoon it onto the cupcakes. It will actually scoop out like ice cream!
3. Melt the chocolate candy and dribble on top of frosting, add sprinkles and your gumball on top!


My daughters teachers loved them and thought they were adorable!! Great gift for them to appreciate what they do in the classroom.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer 'to do' list.

Summer officially starts tomorrow in this house at 2pm. 
 She will no longer be a 2nd grader :(
I figured with her and lil man its gonna be an eventful summer. 
So I better make a schedule, events and routine so it won't be stressful.
I know for sure we are going to be doing alot of learning in preparing for 3rd grade. 
As I have heard from some of her teachers 2nd-3rd grade is a big transition. So I want to make sure shes ready. I am currently making her a binder, which I will post about when complete. 
I following alot of blogs and majority of them have a listed their summer 'to do' list. 
So I figured why not us. We don't do alot in the summer and I figured we should start, make it memorable and take a bunch of pictures in process. 

I know for sure I want to visit the resale shop once a week and have the kids pick out books. I know we can do this at the library. But the books at the resale shop are cheap and I would love to have the kids have their own 'library' of their own. 
We also live close to the beach, so I know for certain we will be making a lot of trips there. 

*garage sale hopping
*have a lemonade stand
*have a camp-out in the living room
*go to the drive-in
*have a fire and roast marshmallows
*go fishing
*go hiking at a State Park
*go to a museum
*go camping
*walk to the park
*netflix movie mondays
*resale book shopping
*have a picnic

I will continue to add to this list. I need to figure out a fun way to display it also.  
Happy Summer

Friday, May 20, 2011

first post. AH.
Not sure what to write about....yet. But that shouldn't be so hard for me.
I guess I can start out by telling you about me. 
I am 28.
Wife. (almost 3years.)
I am a stay at home mommy. I have two beautiful kiddos. 
Sierra who is 8. Wild child, artistic and very loving.
Tommy who is 2. Brave, funny and charming lil guy.
I do absolutely nothing during the day, except play. PLAY HARD.
These kids keep me moving, alot. I love every bit of it. 
I love to bake. Cooking, eh its ok. I can do it, but only for my family. 
But, baking. mmmmm I love cupcakes.
I am slightly obbessed with owls.
They make me smile. Along with other things, alot of other things.
I am a photographer, mompapparatize.
I take a lot of photos in a month.
I love being creative, looking at all things creative.
hmmm... well I think that might be enough for now, otherwise I may not have things to talk about in the future about me.

Hope you enjoy my blog and stick around.