Friday, May 20, 2011

first post. AH.
Not sure what to write about....yet. But that shouldn't be so hard for me.
I guess I can start out by telling you about me. 
I am 28.
Wife. (almost 3years.)
I am a stay at home mommy. I have two beautiful kiddos. 
Sierra who is 8. Wild child, artistic and very loving.
Tommy who is 2. Brave, funny and charming lil guy.
I do absolutely nothing during the day, except play. PLAY HARD.
These kids keep me moving, alot. I love every bit of it. 
I love to bake. Cooking, eh its ok. I can do it, but only for my family. 
But, baking. mmmmm I love cupcakes.
I am slightly obbessed with owls.
They make me smile. Along with other things, alot of other things.
I am a photographer, mompapparatize.
I take a lot of photos in a month.
I love being creative, looking at all things creative.
hmmm... well I think that might be enough for now, otherwise I may not have things to talk about in the future about me.

Hope you enjoy my blog and stick around.



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