Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer 'to do' list.

Summer officially starts tomorrow in this house at 2pm. 
 She will no longer be a 2nd grader :(
I figured with her and lil man its gonna be an eventful summer. 
So I better make a schedule, events and routine so it won't be stressful.
I know for sure we are going to be doing alot of learning in preparing for 3rd grade. 
As I have heard from some of her teachers 2nd-3rd grade is a big transition. So I want to make sure shes ready. I am currently making her a binder, which I will post about when complete. 
I following alot of blogs and majority of them have a listed their summer 'to do' list. 
So I figured why not us. We don't do alot in the summer and I figured we should start, make it memorable and take a bunch of pictures in process. 

I know for sure I want to visit the resale shop once a week and have the kids pick out books. I know we can do this at the library. But the books at the resale shop are cheap and I would love to have the kids have their own 'library' of their own. 
We also live close to the beach, so I know for certain we will be making a lot of trips there. 

*garage sale hopping
*have a lemonade stand
*have a camp-out in the living room
*go to the drive-in
*have a fire and roast marshmallows
*go fishing
*go hiking at a State Park
*go to a museum
*go camping
*walk to the park
*netflix movie mondays
*resale book shopping
*have a picnic

I will continue to add to this list. I need to figure out a fun way to display it also.  
Happy Summer


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