Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Fathers Day

We had a very nice Fathers Day weekend. My husband had came home early on Friday, didn't work the whole weekend. We ate him up! Saturday we just hung around him and did whatever. Sunday however was the fun day. My husband decided to go do his own thing. As we had plans to meet with my parents for lunch and fun day at Cantigny. We ate at Wildfire resturant. Which was yum. Then headed over to Cantigny. ( They have beautiful gardens and lots of history. We toured the First Division Museum which we learned all about American history and all the ones who have fought for our freedom. 
I think the most favorite part of this park has to be the tanks you can climb on and have lots of pictures!

They had SO much fun climbing on the tanks...we continued thru the park, it was pretty hot outside and luckily they had a sprinkler/spray area. Lil man was in heaven!

Its was a beautiful day. All the flowers were gorgeous. Can't wait to go back when it's cooler outside. 


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