Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cake Pops!

I bought something I have been looking for, for awhile. 

Its a cake pop maker! I have been in love with cake pops since I first came across them. I have tried to create them on 4 differents occasions. 
So when I saw this bad boy on a blog I frequent and she had some good reviews, I went out hunting for it. But every Kohls in my area was SOLD OUT! ugh nooooo...
So I met my mom with the kids half way to her house and we went shopping, stopped in Kohls and there it was!!! YAY! I couldn't wait to try it out!! 
The first batch I made was chocolate doughnut holes.

The recipe was really easy. My first time making them, I kept them in there a lil long and they were hard on the outside, but really moist inside. I did fill some with frosting. 

I used a ziplock bag to fill the cakepop maker. Although I do have a pancake pan... which btw is AWESOME. I might try that next time. 

So I decided to just cover them in powdered sugar. 

The kids LOVED them and so did the hubs!.
I can't wait to try out more!!! 


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